spring break

04/14/00: This week has been really tough for me. One bad thing that happened was there is a guy I like, Scott, who I noticed didn’t come to school this whole week. Today I found out that he was messing with a fire when something got poured onto the fire, making it explode. His arms and face got burnt pretty badly. Also his hair, so I guess he’s bald now. He’s in the hospital, and I just really hope he’s doing okay. The other bad thing is that I have a stalker! He’s this guy named Chris, and he’s really starting to freak me out with the way he’s been treating me. Anyway, this week is Spring break, so I’m not going to worry about anything!
04/15/00: Today Cara came over and we got our swimming suits on and jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath. It was about 80 degrees, so we had a lot of fun! Today is also the first day of Spring break. Then we got all ready to go to a movie, but at the last minute, Cara’s mom decided she didn’t want to provide transportation. She wanted my mom to do all the driving, so we ended up not going. That’s okay though, because there was something on TV I wanted to watch. Now I’m just listening to a song called Falling into Grace by the Chili Peppers.
04/16/00: Today my mom and I went shopping and bought a new VCR. Then we got hot fudge sundaes. They were yummy! Right now it’s 7:30 p.m., and it’s thunderstorming and lightning really badly. My brother is having all his friends over for a sleepover. Well, that’s really all that’s happening right now, so I’ll write later!

Commentary: I pretty much stopped being a fan of the Chili Peppers when John left the band in 2009, but once in awhile I still listen to their old albums. I’m listening to “One Hot Minute” right now, and I still love it. I know that album like the back of my hand – even if I haven’t listened to it in several years, I can still sing every word to every song because it’s just ingrained in my brain. A lot of people didn’t like it since Dave Navarro was the guitarist at the time, but he had a different sound and brought a whole different vibe to the album, which I really liked. My favorite album by the Chili Peppers is definitely “Blood Sugar Sex Magik,” which is also ingrained in my brain. Anyway, enough about that! That Scott guy I mentioned had definitely been burned, but was not bald once he returned to school. I wish I would have explained more about Chris and what exactly he had been doing to me. I don’t remember him at all, so it must have been very short-lived.