04/12/00: Today we had a class trip to go on. We went to Ingersoll Boy’s Camp. When I got to school this morning, everyone was excited. Then we got in our groups and got on the buses. We got to the camp, and our first event was to compete against another group in a race. There were two long boards that you had to stand on with your teammates while holding ropes. You had to pull up on the ropes and lift your feet up. It was a little like skiing. Anyway, our group won by a long shot. Then we did it again and won a second time. All we had to do was get across to the other side, switch places with the other half of our group that was waiting, and then go back. We were timed, and the first time we did it in 12 minutes, and the second time we did it in a little over two minutes. The next race was where we paired up with a partner and tied our legs together to race to the other side. We did that three times, and our group won two out of the three times. Then I got together with my friends to talk and eat a snack. I was having a great time because my team really worked well together. The next event was carrying a potato on a spoon race. Our team won again! This time we were against about four other groups. Then we walked around and ended up getting lost in the woods for an hour, which sucked! Finally we got to the next event where there was a big log and everyone (which was 13 people) had to stand on it in order from tallest to shortest. Then we did it again, but from oldest to youngest. The next event was where two people sat down with their feet pressed against each other and hands together. Then you had to pull each other up. Each time you had to add a person until everyone was doing it. Then we all had to wear blindfolds and hold onto a huge rope. The goal was to make a square without being able to see. It wasn’t very fun because I have done it before. Then we all had to hold hands for the next event. There was a hula hoop and everyone had to go through it without breaking hands. Then we played hug tag. Later, we had to hike to another place. When we got there, we had lots of events to do. The first one was a really tall pole and each group had to figure out how to get a heavy tire over it, and then back off it. The problem was there was a huge ravine right next to where we were, and if the tire fell someone would have to go get it. It would have been basically impossible to get if it fell into the ravine since it was so steep. The next event was a spider web thing where you had to get everyone through to the other side going through a hole, but you couldn’t use the same hole more than once. At the next event, the point was to swing on tires to get from one platform to the next. The tires were pretty high off the ground and were far apart, too. A lot of people in the group before us gave up before even getting halfway across. Anyway, I was sooo nervous to go because everyone said it was a lot harder than it looked, and it even looked hard! Everyone from my group had gone and I was the last one to go. I wanted to back out. Also, another group came and were waiting to go next, so they were watching. Plus this guy I really have the hots for was in my group and was watching. I was under a lot of pressure and lots of things were running through my head like:
-What if I fall because my hands get too scraped up on the rope?
-What if I can’t grab ahold of the rope because the tire is too far away?
-What if I take a long time and everyone in the group that is waiting starts yelling at me to hurry up?
-What if I fall (like my friend before me did) when I try to get on the last platform?
I got up there and everyone’s eyes were on me. All of the sudden, a calm came over me and I just tried to get it over with fast. Everyone was like, “Oh my gosh, she’s really good!” and “she’s really fast, like a monkey swinging on vines in the jungle.” Then there was this one tire in the middle where everyone got stuck and needed a push, but I didn’t. Everyone kept coming up to me saying how good I did. I was so proud of myself that I got up there and did it even though I doubted myself. I was also happy that the guy I liked saw it. The important lesson I learned was even if you doubt yourself, at least try! The next thing we had to do was make a fire. Then we learned how to use a compass, set up a tent, and then we went canoeing. That was the last event of the day and it was about 5:00 p.m., so we went to the eating hall for dinner. We had Avanti’s, yummy. Then we got back on the buses to go home. It was definitely an awesome experience!

Commentary: I could have just summarized what we did on our class trip, but apparently I felt it was necessary to give an extremely detailed description.