one hot minute

04/08/00: Today I woke up pretty early. Then I got ready, and my mom and I went to Coconuts. I bought another Chili Peppers CD. It’s called One Hot Minute. I’m listening to it right now and it’s absolutely amazing! I have a new favorite song. It’s called My Friends. Then I cleaned my room and went on the internet. Oh my gosh, I found all these new websites about the Chili Peppers and there were pictures from their tour! They were wearing the same clothes and everything, so now it doesn’t matter that my pictures didn’t turn out. Oh, did I tell you about that? I used up a whole roll of film at the concert and all the pictures were pitch black. Anyway, now all I have to do is print those pictures from the internet and I’ll have a memory from the concert. Tonight I’m going to invite Cara over to spend the night, so if she comes I’ll write about it, but I know she probably won’t since she’s never home and seems to be avoiding me for some reason.
04/09/00: Today I woke up at 7:30 just to tape this thing on TV. It was a special about the Chili Peppers/Foo Fighters tour. Now I really have something to remember the concert by, because it showed a lot of footage from the concerts. Then I went on the internet to play a trivia game – about the Chili Peppers. Then my dad and I went to the grocery store, but for some reason nothing appealed to me – I just felt like yacking. Gosh, today has been an extremely long day! Later on my grandparents came over, so I talked to them for a couple hours. I have a speech due the day after tomorrow, so I spent two hours writing it. We are supposed to talk about something interesting that has happened in our life, so I wrote about my trip to Cozumel. Now I’m just chillin’ and listening to Naked in the Rain by the Chili Peppers. Oh, and almost this whole day I’ve been listening to my new One Hot Minute CD, and it’s AWESOME!

Commentary: Omg, shut up about the Chili Peppers! Goodness.