04/07/00: First hour, Spanish, was pretty fun. Instead of doing boring exercises, we got to do a little fashion show thing where we made posters and got to draw people and cut out clothes for them. Then we had to label everything in Spanish. The rest of my day was pretty dull. Then I got home and went on the internet to look at pictures of the Chili Peppers. My big project for this weekend is going to be decorating my closet doors with pictures of them. I’ve already started, and it looks awesome. The rest of the night I sat around listening to music, reading magazines, and watching TV. Now it is 9:27 p.m. A few minutes ago I had to go in the basement to find Kenzie (my cat) because I was going to eat tuna, but it wasn’t very good. So I go walking down the stairs not realizing anyone was down there. I had forgotten that my brother and his girlfriend were down there watching a movie. Well I guess the movie ended, because I looked on the couch and they were totally making out (in the dark)! I was really embarrassed and I’m sure they were, too. Now I feel bad because I probably ruined the mood. I bet they are mad at me because somehow I always manage to walk in at times like that. It seems like all they ever do is make out! Seriously, every Friday or Saturday night his girlfriend will come over and they’ll go in the basement for about six hours! Well, that’s all. I’m going to try and write more because I want to hurry up and finish this diary so I can get started on a new one for summer.

Commentary: Somehow I don’t think it was a coincidence that I always managed to intrude on my boyfriend and his girlfriend. I’m sure I didn’t forget that they were in the basement – clearly I just wanted to see what they were up to. Today’s photo is a random one of me up to no good on the computer. I’m probably either talking to boys on AIM or stalking the Chili Peppers. Holy cow was my hair dark.