down to you

02/20/00: I haven’t written in a couple days, so here’s an update of what I did. Friday – school got canceled because it was sooo icy. The whole day I lazed around watching TV by myself. Saturday – I slept in pretty late and then went with my dad to run some errands. At 1:45, my friend Melissa and I went to a movie called Down to You. It was a romantic comedy. Sunday – got up and went to a church I’ve never been to before. My brother has been going there and he’s in the bell choir, so I got to see him play Yankee Doodle. It was to celebrate President’s Day, which is tomorrow. Then my mom and I went shopping for the rest of the day. I bought two dresses that are really cute. I got home, ate pizza for dinner, and watched a movie that was on Starz. Now I’m going to do some homework, so I guess I’ll talk to ya tomorrow.
03/12/00: Hey, sorry I haven’t written in a long time. At school, the teachers are loading me down with homework and are making up projects. Right now it is 10:00 at night and I’m trying to do Algebra, but it’s sooo confusing and I’m getting really frustrated. We put up the trampoline last weekend and it has been fun to jump on, but it also brings back lots of memories from when Erin and I were best buds. As for Erin and I, we have totally and completely stopped communicating. When we see each other at the bus stop, we ignore each other. I think we are being immature and should stop and at least be nice. Sometimes I want to go over and talk to her about everything, but I have realized that every single time I’ve tried to talk things out in the past, nothing goes the way I think it will and it blows up in my face. As of today, I’m really not sure what to do or say when I’m around her, so I don’t say anything. I’m just going to play it by ear.

Commentary: I’m glad I tried my hardest to understand Algebra and get good grades, but I shouldn’t have stressed myself out so much over homework.