03/29/00: Yesterday I went to the Chili Peppers concert! First, I went to school and was sooo anxious and excited. Then I went home and got packed up to go to Champaign, which is an hour and 45 minutes away. In the car, I listened to the Chili Peppers’ CDs. When we got there, we had to meet my brother’s friends at a pizza place called Papa Del’s. I had an awesome time, and the pizza was great! Then we drove to the Assembly Hall at the University of Illinois where the concert was held. It looked like a huge flying saucer to tell you the truth! But it was sooo cool. Then we found our seats and sat down. I went with my brother, his girlfriend, and her friend. None of my friends like the Chili Peppers. Anyway, the concert started with a band from England and I didn’t know any of their songs. After an hour of that, they started setting up for the next band which was the Foo Fighters. I really didn’t like them! They kept saying the “F” word and all this stuff about smoking crack and how all the cool kids at school smoke. All their songs sounded exactly the same! Then at 9:20, they were finally done. They had to set up for the next band – the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It took sooo long for them to set up, about 45 minutes! Then FINALLY the lights went out and I heard Anthony scream. They were starting a song called Around the World. Right when I saw them onstage, I burst out in tears. That might be hard for anyone to understand, so I’ll try to explain. Oh, but first we had to sit in the very last row! Almost the whole concert I had to look through my binoculars. It was good though, because I got to see their facial expressions. Anyway, I was so emotional because it’s so hard for me to believe that they are actually real people. I just love them and their music sooo much! They played all their best songs and it was sooo much fun! I didn’t want the night to end. Then they played Under the Bridge and I started crying again. It’s just a very sad song about the lead singer and his heroin problems. Everyone brought lighters, and the whole time the song was playing, they kept their lighters on. I can’t explain it very well, but it was such an amazing feeling of peace. Then they said, “Thanks for coming,” and walked off the stage. The audience just kept cheering for about 30 minutes, so the Chili Peppers came back out and performed three more songs. I took lots of pictures. My only regret is that I didn’t buy a t-shirt. Ugh! I really want one and have no idea why I didn’t buy one. You can’t get them anywhere. I just can’t get over it! Then the concert ended. I was really sad since I had been looking forward to it so much and was excited about it. Now that it’s over, there is nothing to be excited about. We got home at 1:00 a.m., and I still had to do homework and take a shower. Then today I had to wake up and go to school, so I only got four hours of sleep! Every time I think about the concert, it seems like a dream and like it never really happened. I don’t remember it that well and it was just last night! Oh yeah, when we were walking out to our van after the concert, we saw the tour buses. After we walked by, we started hearing lots of screams since there were hundreds of fans waiting outside. I am kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to actually see them get on their buses. They could have been signing autographs or something! Oh well, at least I got to go and have the great feeling of being in the same room with them. You have to understand that this is one of the biggest bands in the world! Anyway, today I had to drag myself through school, which was extremely hard to do! The concert was the highlight of my life so far. I have never had a better time, and it was the first concert I’d ever been to! Well I have sooo much more to say, but it’s 9:00 and I still haven’t started my homework! I’m already deprived of sleep, so I better go! I’m definitely planning on going to another one of their concerts!!!

Commentary: Wow, reading this entry definitely made me laugh out loud! I remember attempting to take pictures at the concert with my disposable camera, but obviously they didn’t turn out since we were in the last row of the entire arena. I was actually in Champaign a couple weeks ago and decided to eat at that same pizza place, Papa Del’s, since I hadn’t been there in 15 years. I had to remind myself that I wasn’t going to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert after dinner, because just being there brought back a ton of memories from this night.