01/15/00: Today my mom gave me a camera to have. I never really take pictures, but I want to start. So this whole morning I took pictures of my pets and some of myself. Then I lazed around and watched TV. At about 3:30, my mom, sister, and I went to the movie theater. We ate popcorn, nachos, and drank soda. We saw The Talented Mr. Ripley. It was an okay movie, I guess. It was about this guy who was jealous of his friend who was really rich and had a great life. He wanted to have his friend’s life, so he ended up killing his friend and pretended to be him. Then it got extremely confusing. After the movie, my mom and I went out to eat. The rest of the night I watched TV.
01/19/00: Today I had the flu, so I had to stay home from school. The entire day I lazed around and watched TV. Around 1:00, I got up to go in the kitchen and noticed it was snowing. The weatherman predicted two inches, but we got six inches instead. Tonight and tomorrow the wind is going to be blowing around 30mph, so we might have a snow day tomorrow. I REALLY hope we do!!! Also, my brother got his braces off, so his teeth are nice and straight now.
01/21/00: Right now it’s 5:00. One of my best friends, Selena, came from Brazil and stayed with my neighbors for six months. She came during the summer and stayed this whole time. We became very close and did a lot together. Now she’s on her way to the Chicago airport. I’ll probably never see her again, and I’m pretty sad about it. But I’m going to write her a lot. Today at school we had an assembly and all our classes were shortened, so I had a great day. At 6:15 I have to babysit the Allen’s, so I better start getting ready.

Commentary: I was right – I never did see my neighbor’s foreign exchange student again. We wrote a couple letters to each other after she moved back to Brazil, but that was about it. Sometimes when I was on the school bus in the mornings anxiously awaiting our arrival, I would look over at Selena and think about how things must be 10 times more difficult for her since her English wasn’t perfect, she didn’t know anyone, and was from a country with completely different beliefs, customs, food, etc. I really don’t know how she did it, but I’m sure the benefits outweighed the negative aspects. Today’ s photo is most likely one of the pictures I took with the camera my mom gave me. That black thing is my mom’s old school cell phone in its charger.