01/10/00: Hello! Today at school we spent lots of time reviewing for finals. Oh my gosh, I really don’t understand Algebra at all! I am really fed up, and finals are the day after tomorrow! When I got home from school, I watched some TV. At about 4:15, Kayla called and invited me over to study. We had a lot of fun actually, and got a lot of work done. Every day this week (except Friday) Kayla and I are going to get together to study for finals. I probably won’t write any more this week because I’ll be busy studying!
01/12/00: When I got to school, I had to take the Spanish final first hour. It was actually a lot easier that I thought it would be. Then my mom picked me up at 9:40 a.m., because the other two finals (4th and 7th hours) I had study halls. So I just went home, lazed around, and watched TV all day. I’m going to clean my room and get ready to go over to my friend Kayla’s house. We have gotten together every day this week to study for finals. Well I must go!
01/14/00: Today was the last day of finals, thank goodness! 🙂 In Algebra, my teacher, Mr. Garst, posted a sheet of paper that had the top five smartest students in the class. Guess what! I was on the chart at number five. I was really proud of myself, considering I’ve never been good at Math. After school, my friend Melissa invited me to go to the basketball game with her. It was Dunlap’s first game, so I went. We ended up having an awesome time, and I also hung out with Amanda, Megan, Alison, and Kristen. All of us were really hyper, and Melissa and I kept making each other do dares. Then at 9:30 p.m., I went home and watched TV. My brother came home and said he hit a deer while he was driving home in the Mustang! He said the deer didn’t do any damage to the car because it tried to jump over the car. The Mustang is really low to the ground, so I can’t believe the deer didn’t go flying into the windshield. I am really thankful that my brother wasn’t hurt. Well, it’s after midnight so I guess I better go to bed. Nighty night!

Commentary: Even though I’m 30 years old and graduated from college eight years ago, I still have dreams of being in school every once in awhile. In these dreams I either can’t get my locker open, can’t find which room I’m supposed to go to for class, or have some kind assignment/test that I don’t finish in the allotted time frame. Ahh! Any of you still have dreams about school?