01/02/00: The Campbell’s went to South Carolina for winter break and just got home today. I had to take care of their pets and got paid $80.00 for doing it! Anyway, I wrote Erin a long letter, and she read it when she got home. I had to return something to Mrs. Campbell, so I went over there and Erin answered the door. She came out and started talking to me about the note. I didn’t really say anything. When I got home, I was thinking about what she said and decided to call her. We ended up talking for over an hour about how our Christmas and New Year’s went. We really seemed like friends again, and I thought we would be from then on. She said she wanted to come over to see everything I got for Christmas. Before we got off the phone, she said that she hoped she would see me later today. Then I went over to her house and really wanted to borrow something that was half mine anyway. It was a videotape of Hannah and I. We were singing songs and dancing – it was our own music video. I wanted to see it again. Erin answered the door and everything went back to normal. She seemed to hate me, and it was like we never even had that talk on the phone. I did want to be friends with her, but now I remember how much of a jerk she is.
01/08/00: Today is Saturday. Finals are starting this coming week, so today and tomorrow I’ll be studying my ass off! Anyway, on Thursday night Erin came over – without being invited – to see what I got for Christmas. I was really mad at her, but tried my hardest to be nice. It turned out that she was acting all nice to me just to borrow a shirt. She knows I wanted to be her friend, so she acts all nice and asks to borrow something. She knows I’ll say yes since I want to be her friend. Well guess what, Erin! You are a jerk, and I know for sure I don’t want to be friends with you now that I know your plan! Well I’m going to go get dressed, so I’ll talk to ya later!

Commentary: Aww, the 90’s are officially over. I would love to see that music video that my neighbor and I filmed. I have a vague memory of it starting with us coming out of the bathtub.