I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

11/26/99: Today I had to wake up early and be at school by 8:00. We went downtown for the Santa Claus Parade. I did my color guard routine. When I got home around 1:00 I was really tired, so the rest of the day I lazed around playing computer games and watching TV. Later on, my dad and I went Christmas shopping. Oh and by the way, we were on TV for being in the Santa Claus Parade, so I got to see myself on TV. We got first place and were the grand champions!
11/27/99: Today there was a picture of our band on the front page of the newspaper! Anyway, I had to wake up early again to go to Amanda’s apartment. My whole family went to help her set up. My sister took me out to Panache to eat lunch. At about 5:00, we came home and I watched a movie called I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Then at about 7:00, Liam (the boy I really like) and Andrew came over. They played Nintendo while I watched. Liam talked the entire time and everything he said was funny. By 11:30 p.m., I felt like I had known him my whole life. For some reason, I’m attracted to Liam and don’t even know why, I just really like him. Everything he said tonight was exactly what I had been thinking. We are totally a perfect match! But who am I kidding, he would never go out with me…or would he?

Commentary: No, he would not.