HULT center

11/20/99: Today is Erin’s birthday. I was planning on not getting her a present, but my mom wanted me to, so I did. Today was a bad day for me. Erin and I got in a fight, and it’s her b-day! I was home alone, none of my friends were home, and there was nothing good on TV. I was really bored! Anyway, my mom and I went shopping at Target. Oh yeah, I had my doctor’s appointment to see why I had a normal period and all of a sudden it stopped for four months. They didn’t really know, but on February 1st if it still hasn’t started, then I have to get a prescription (estrogen) that will force me to have my periods. Also, they have to check my ovaries to see if anything is wrong with them. Do you know how they will get to my ovaries? Well, guess! That’s why my period better start up again really soon or else I’ll be pissed off. Anyway, we had a person from the HULT education center come to our school on Friday. She talked about breast cancer and how to do a self-examination. She even passed around rubber boobs and we had to feel around for the lumps. It was gross! Also, they showed a video with people self-examinating themselves. I was absolutely disgusted! Well it’s after midnight, so I better get some shut eye!

11/21/99: Great news! Okay, today I had some really bad cramps and had to go to the bathroom. I noticed that I had my period again! I am sooo glad I don’t have to go back to the doctor to get those things done to me. Anyway, today was pretty boring. I did my algebra homework and my dad and I went on the Rock Island Trail. I rode my bike while my dad ran. Then at about 6:00, there was a good movie on TV that I watched. Hasta manana!

Commentary: Ah yes, I definitely remember the rubber boobs. I’m pretty sure the video we watched had more to it than people self-examining themselves. That’s why I was so disgusted, but apparently didn’t feel comfortable writing about everything we saw. Today’s photo is of the HULT Education Center that I mentioned. We  would go there on field trips to learn more about being healthy and how to take care of our bodies.