Hollywood Video

11/04/99: Things have been a lot better since I stopped talking to Erin. Today I had a good day at school, except I had to take an extremely hard algebra test. Oh my gosh! You know how I have a crush on Liam? Well today on the bus, my neighbor, Wes (Erin’s brother), said that he heard I had a crush on Liam, so he went up to him and told him! I can’t believe it! I kept on asking Wes who told him that I liked Liam, but he wouldn’t tell me. I’m pretty gosh darn sure it was Erin, so now I’m mad. Somehow I’ll ask Erin if she told Wes that I like Liam. She’s going to be in lots of trouble if she was the one who told!
P.S. – She was the one who told!
11/05/99: Today I had a really good day at school. When I got home, I ended up having a short talk with Erin over the phone. I told her that I really didn’t think we should be friends anymore. That’s when I heard her crying. I really didn’t expect her to! She hung up on me, so I was like, “Okay, fine! Cry all you want and I don’t care!” Afterwards we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. It was delicious! 🙂 Then my sister and I went to Hollywood Video. When we got home, I watched Psycho with my mom. Now I’m going to read a new book I just started, and then go to sleep.

Commentary: Seems like a fitting time to watch the movie “Psycho” since I was acting like one.