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10/08/99: Today I had an extremely long day! First I went to school and had a Spanish test. Later on, I had an algebra test. At about 1:30, we had a pep rally that was really fun! After school, I had a parade to march in for color guard. Believe it or not, but I hit someone with my flag! It’s their own fault, because you don’t stand right next to a person who’s swinging their flag all around! Then I had a couple chips for dinner and had to get ready for the homecoming football game. I had a really fun day! Right now Erin and I are supposed to have a sleepover, but I don’t know where she is!
10/10/99: Today my parents’ friends invited us to go on their boat again. My brother and sister were not going to go, so my mom said I could invite a friend. I invited Erin. She came over and helped me pack a bag full of snacks. Then we went to Blimpie to eat a quick lunch. Afterwards, we arrived at the Illinois River. We had a great time, and Sandi even gave us little Halloween bags full of candy. In the evening when I got home, I did homework. Oh yeah, and last night I got to babysit Drake. He is a dwarf, but is the cutest kid in the world!!! So far this weekend has been great!
10/11/99: Today is Columbus Day, so there was no school. I stayed home all day working on a project about Helen Keller. I also had some English and Biology homework to do. Erin and I are not really fighting, but are pretty much just avoiding each other. I don’t even know why! Oh well, I think I’ll just stay away from her this whole week.

Commentary: I hit someone with my flag and then blame it on them, that’s nice. I had a couple chips for dinner and then performed at a football game? How did I not pass out? You will hear more about Drake later, but he suffered from primordial dwarfism, and I looked after him for a number of years. I shouldn’t even use the word “suffered,” because he never let his condition get him down. Today’s photo is of my friend and I boating on the river. Why is my crotch zipper a mile long?