09/25/99: Today I didn’t really do that much. Erin and I kind of spent the whole day trying to decide if we should still be friends. We decided we would try one more time. She came over and we watched a movie called The Other Sister. Then Cara picked me up, and I went over to her house for a sleepover. We watched a movie called Now and Then, talked on the phone with a guy named Matt (a friend from school), played games, and much more. I enjoyed my day!
09/27/99: Today was pretty much a boring old day at school. When I got home, I started my homework because I had a lot! I ended up getting done early, so now I’ll take a shower, watch a movie, and go to bed. My grades in school are all A’s and B’s. High school is really tough, but I am really enjoying every second of it (especially color guard)!
10/02/99: Today I had to wake up early and go to the high school. I had a field show and a parade to march in. We ended up getting first place in the parade and second place in the field show. It was really cold and rainy, so I didn’t really have a good time. Then we went home and I was extremely tired, so I watched the movie Ghost because it was on TV. Then I went to bed! Yesterday I forgot to write, so I’ll tell you what I did – I had a pretty good day at school, but had a really hard Spanish test. After school, I went over to the Allen’s house to babysit. It was really fun! 🙂

Commentary: One thing I remember most about color guard was freezing to death. We would always have to wear skimpy, sleeveless costumes, even when it was 30-40 degrees outside. On a parade and field show day, we would sometimes have to be outside for up to eight hours. We would practice, perform, watch the other bands, and then go to the awards ceremony. I’m surprised I stuck with color guard for three years.