9th grade

09/03/99: Hi! I’m Alana and I started high school last Tuesday. I’m in 9th grade and am 14 years old. I have lots of friends, but my very best friend in the whole wide world is my next-door neighbor, Erin. She is almost 12 and is in 6th grade, but age doesn’t matter to me. Throughout this diary you definitely will be hearing a lot about her. She is such an important person in my life, and I really want her to know that. I’ve never met anyone I could be sooo close to. We get mad at each other a lot, so you’ll probably be hearing about some of the fights we get into. Anyway, now let’s get to some personal information about myself. I am in color guard, fine arts club, and hopefully snowball, if I can still get into that club. There are a couple of boys at my school that I like, so I’ll tell you who they are. Okay, most of them are my brother’s friends. I like Liam, Andrew, and I kind of like Jason. Oh yeah, and Dylan, but he already has a girlfriend (darn). Now I’ll tell you how my day went. I went through all of my classes which are Spanish, Computing, English, color guard, Biology, Algebra, and then study hall. Then we had a pep rally and I had to go up and do my routine for color guard. Then the poms and cheerleaders did their routines. After that I went home, ate dinner, and got ready for the football game. I had to leave an hour early for a short practice. Then we waited patiently for half-time and went up with the marching band to perform. I did really good and didn’t mess up at all. Other people messed up, though. Then there was a back-to-school dance from 9:00-11:00 p.m., but I just didn’t feel like going. Now I’m going to bed, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

Commentary: 143 blog posts later, and we’ve finally made it to the high school stuff! 🙂 I’m not sure why I always felt the need to re-introduce myself each time I started a new diary. Why didn’t I write about my first day of high school?! That would have been interesting to read, considering I don’t remember anything about it. Today’s photo is my awkward 9th grade school picture.